Machines & Capabilities

GK Machine uses CAD renderings, CNC programming, laser operations and quality control processes to produce the best possible product for our customers. With our state-of-the-art laser & plasma machines, we have the ability to make parts that are repeatable and accurate using the most common materials. Whether it’s a simple part or intricate piece, our multiple lasers and large plasma cutting table allows us to process both small and large productions, running fast, efficiently and accurately. 

Designing from conception to production, our design engineers work with you to create custom parts or modify existing part for your project. Our CAD/CAM design center includes MasterCAM, AutoCAD and SolidWorks, enabling our team of design engineers to provide you with precision parts engineering and accurate time estimates of production for short run, prototype and long run production.

Kinetic K5000 XMC – Combination Drilling & Cutting

The Kinetics automatic 24-tool changer and combo plasma/flame bevel, with marking system and multiple torch stations, can do a variety of jobs on one run: drilling, marking, milling, cutting, bevel cutting and counter boring. This machine can also:

  • Drill 4” diameter holes in 8” thick plate
  • Plasma torch with production cutting of 2” mild steel
  • Plasma and oxygen bevel cutting up to 45 degrees
  • Maximum width of 10’ and maximum length of 40’

Machine Tolerances & Capacity

(2) Trumpf Trumatic L3050 & L3030 Laser

With two Trumpf lasers we have the ability to make parts that are repeatable and accurate. Trumpf laser help to ensure consistency from part to part with cleaner cutting. GK has special fixturing and prefabricated parts to help us achieve fast turnaround and meet delivery times.

(2) Trumpf Liftmaster – auto loading & unloading

GK offers fast and efficient services with our two Trumpf Liftmasters. They can automatically load and unload sheets of metal to and from the laser cutting machines – for lights-out operations. This enables GK to achieve faster and more efficient production runs. 

Laser Tolerances and Lift Master PDF

(3) Trumpf Press Brakes Trubend (L3030, L3050 & 7036)

With GK’s hydraulic press brakes, they give another option when trying to shape metal. Our bending capability accomplishes this by bending steel at various angles to create different structures, parts and pieces. The press brake offers many more options when creating strong, non-welded parts and pieces. Since it’s computerized, the hydraulic machine controls can ensure the precision and accuracy to allow exact parts, pieces and structures.

Trumpf Trubend 7036 and 5320 PDF

Trumpf Punch Press 260T

GK’s punch press is used to cut holes in material and can be used to push metal to form raised holes. Punching is the most cost effective process of making holes in steel metal. It is able to create multiple shaped holes, custom perforation, perforated and grating screens for processing machinery and heavy materials.

Trumpf 250T Punch PDF

Plasma Drilling & Cutting Services

Advanced Plasma & Oxy Fuel Cutting
Enhanced Bevel & Multi-Torch Cutting
Advanced Drilling, Milling and More

GK’s plasma cutting machines with integrated cutting, milling and drilling, deliver maximum productivity in plate processing. Our top-of-the-line K5000 is a heavy-duty combination plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, and milling machine. With multiple functions in a single machine, there’s no need for complex fixtures, multiple setups, or moving work pieces from station to station, all maximizing productivity and profitability for our project.

Part making is another of our primary services and areas of expertise. GK can handle large sized metal sheets and plates (10’ x 40’). With high cutting speeds, precision drilling and easy material handling enables us to maximize production output.

This powerful machine can handle multiple functions in one pass:

  • Thick Steel Cutting
  • Part Marking
  • Drilling
  • Counter Boring
  • Bevel Cutting
  • Milling

Plasma Cutting Gallery

Laser Cutting Services

GK’s lasers make accurate and consistent cuts at the desired angle that are smooth and precise. Automation and computer controlled machines allow the laser to replicate the same shape and pattern over and over again so that each piece is exactly the same. GK offers laser cutting on large and small pieces and also offers services for prototypes and unique creations.

Our expert laser design staff can assist you with laying out your project, while utilizing computerized control systems to ensure quality and consistency throughout the process. 

  • Lower Costs from Less Scrap
  • Enhanced Consistency from Part to Part
  • Cleaner Faster Cutting
  • Special Fixture for Prefabricated Parts
  • Etching on Most Materials

At GK Machine we use CNC Lasers to Create PDF Laser Cutting Gallery

Forming & Punch Services

GK offers metal bending and forming services that use CNC hydraulic press brakes, tooling and full CAD/CAM capabilities in the same facility where we offer machining, welding, laser and plasma cutting. Our wide selection of bending tools can accommodate everything from the simplest to the most complex bends for your fabrication project.

GK offers punching services and are able to create multiple shaped holes, custom perforation, perforated and grating screens for processing machinery and heavy metal materials.

Forming and Punch Gallery

Shipping Service

GK has a multitude of resources to offer customers with specialty crates, packaging and a seamless transportation process. GK takes responsibility for ensuring the safety of valuable items until they reach their intended destination through qualified carriers.

A wide range of shipping methods:

The GK team works with you to determine the best option for your shipment. We’ll help choose the option that meets your timeline and your budget.

US Domestic

In addition to GK’s fleet of delivery trucks, we have a network of carriers that we partner with for business to business and business to residential deliveries. 


GK has extensive experience with international export shipping. Our team assists with the required documentation for customs.

White Glove Service

Items that are fragile, high-valve, or have a need for special handling, our white glove services ensure they are treated with the utmost care.

Crating & Pallet Service

GK provides custom crating and packaging solutions for high value, heavy, fragile and unique shaped pieces.